Screening at Amplifest (Porto)
Batalha Centro de Cinema,  September 24


Canadian Premiere (2023)

Screening at Sled Island
Globe Cinema,  June 20


East Coast Festival Premiere (2023)
Philadelphia Independent Film Festival (PIFF)

Screening at PIFF
University of the Arts Lightbox Film Centre,  May 19, 6:00


North American Festival Premiere (2023)
Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF)

Screenings at SIFF
The Egyptian,  May 17, 6:15
Ark Lodge, May 18, 8:30


Portugal Premiere (2023)
IndieLisboa Film Festival

Screenings at IndieLisboa
May 1, 2023

Festival World Premiere (2023)
20th Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival (CPH:DOX)

Screenings at CPH:DOX
Cinemateket Asta,  March 18, 21:30 
Gloria, March 24, 21:15